I almost scrolled past this
I fucking almost scrolled past this


I almost scrolled past this

I fucking almost scrolled past this

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Sterek AU: Stiles witnesses Derek’s first wolf transformation.

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They will fight! The amazing and strong women in the Marvel Universe.

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"Is your little bottom sore?"

"Yes. It’s not as fat as yours."

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ang3lsh1 said: Charles overdoes it with cerebro and has the worst migraine ever and Erik takes care if him. Partly because that's what I have right now and I really, really need some fluff since its only Monday


Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! 

Here’s some fluffy old married Cherik - I hope you like it :D


“I’m fine, stop fussing.”

“You’re not fine, Charles. I can feel the damn thing throbbing in the back of my head.”

Erik floats the helmet gently off of Charles’ head, careful not to jostle him and aggravate his discomfort. It’s going to a particularly bad one, he notes, if Charles is too tired to bother shielding him from the dull ache, a mere echo of the intense pain he’s no doubt experiencing from overdoing it with Cerebro. Again.

I’ll be fine, Darling, Charles says, his voice infused with warm affection that’s only slightly strained. It’s been fifty years, I’ve learned to deal with the headaches.

Erik’s answer is a disgruntled ‘hmph’, a glower forming on his face so severe that it sends more than one student flying in the opposite direction as they slowly wind their way through the mansion to their bedroom. That Charles just leans back in the chair and lets him float it along beside him without comment is another testament to his exhaustion.

He’s going to have to have another talk with McCoy about these side effects; with all the man’s genius and all the advances in technology, he can’t believe the stupid thing still gives Charles migraines. Apparently he can upgrade its reach to cover the entire planet but can’t be bothered to—

Erik, Charles interrupts, reaching to squeeze his hand lightly before gripping the armrest again. Stop thinking so loudly about Hank. You’re making it worse.

Fine, he concedes, opening the door to their room and guiding Charles inside, setting him next to the bed as he makes his way into the adjoining bathroom. He runs a clean face cloth under cool water, squeezing the excess before returning to find Charles lying on the bed, arm thrown over his eyes. I’ll let it go for now, Erik continues, placing the cloth on Charles forehead with practiced ease. But this conversation isn’t over. And I’ll handle the next discussion about Cerebro upgrades with Hank.

Whatever you say, Darling, Charles sends, reaching to pull Erik down beside him. Thank you for doing this.

He doesn’t say ‘taking care of me’ though that’s what he means - because Erik doesn’t like to admit how much he needs this and Charles won’t admit how much he craves it.

“Can I get you a cup of tea?”

“No, I think I just need sleep.” Stay with me?

Sleep, Erik says, sliding his arm under Charles and pulling him close, letting Charles bury his head in his chest. Sleep and I’ll be here when you wake up.

I know, Charles answers, and Erik feels the feather like kiss on his brow, intimate and familiar. I know.


merlin +i believe in you. i always have.

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